With the new Work Health and Safety Bill, due for release on January 1, 2012, Australian businesses need to review their workplace safety, as the bill further extends the scope of business liability for employee welfare.

Of particular interest to fleet managers is that vehicles are defined as a ‘workplace’ and a duty of care is imposed on employers to ensure the health and safety of their mobile employees within this workplace.

Fines up to $600,000 or imprisonment

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Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs but keeping on top of it can be a headache

While Lynyrd Skynyrd might have sung about it in his ode to the southern states, keeping big wheels turning is actually a full-time job for many fleet managers. Staying on top of routine maintenance is a critical element of keeping their trucks on the road and earning money. Sticking to the maintenance schedule is also a vital way to avoid expensive repairs that are triggered by poor or absent vehicle servicing.

Knowing how challenging it can be keeping up-to-date with servicing the family sedan, you can imagine what a potential nightmare it could be having to stay on top of maintaining hundreds, or even thousands, of trucks, vans, forklifts, diggers and other fleet vehicles.
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Are you a truck driver looking for work as a fleet manager or operator? You’re not alone: on one truck recruitment website alone, more than 212,000 completed truck driver applications sit on their database!

Don’t despair! Just because the job market is competitive, doesn’t mean employment is out of reach. You’re just a couple of strategic moves away from landing your ideal trucking job.
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Flash forward five years, and the trucking industry will be a very different beast to what it is today.

“The big carriers are going to get bigger and fewer,” confirms Duff Swain, president of consulting firm Trincon Group, “while the smaller carriers need to get smarter and more niche-driven.”

Swain delivered this news at a recent conference, where he pointed out what most of us already know: the global economic downturn has not only forced us to rethink the way we do business today, but it’s also forced us to re-evaluate how we’ll operate in the future.

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